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In our history of working with at-risk active and veteran service members,  we’ve learned the true power of family, purpose, and mission. The camaraderie that comes from being on a team/mission are essential in the overall well being and mental health of the soldier. MPO leads with this as our mantra.  

We exist to assist the United States active and veteran community with a special emphasis on our combat injured troops.  We grew out of our founder’s intense vision to stem the tide of military veteran suicide.  The rate of 22 lives per day is a devastating reality.  It’s our passion to reduce this through our outreach and aid to them.  The victims of suicide (those who’ve attempted or those who’ve been affected by it) are critical to our mission.

Tee Shirts 4 Troops is our brand which has gained huge acceptance by the hospitalized military community.  Multiple monthly visits over an 8 year period has exposed us to thousands of combat injured troops who need clothing while having lengthy stays in the hospital. Tee Shirts 4 Troops provides our troops with super hero themed clothing to boost morale and show appreciation by showing them they are America’s true super heroes. Mission: Plus One, or MPO is the outgrowth of that vision to provide the next step in recovery.

MPO believes to heal you need hope. Rebuilding broken dreams is the mission. Programs don’t heal people, people heal people.


Situated on 1 acre, this 2-home property sits surrounded by Oak and Palm trees.  The Lanai is treated with the feel of a botanical garden–allowing the guests drop their burdens and let their cares drift away. The heated pool, sauna and sitting areas bring you to a place of comfort and contemplation. The classic hedges with the natural walk through arch convey the feeling of an old European garden. The Warrior House welcomes you with its earthy hues and beautiful leather furniture. It all comes together to provide a healthy, wholesome place for our residents and their families.


People who have nothing to live for often stop living. We’re determined to make an impact in the lives of those at risk. Our motto is to “Never stop dreaming”. We show our cherished guests that it is possible to dream once again.

The Warrior House is premium resources that accommodate individuals couples and families. Located on the west side of Sanford Florida, it positions out guests with close access to America’s best theme parks and shopping experiences.

The team at MPO has met over 13k combat injured vets.  Our list soldiers we look forward to visiting is lengthy and continues to grow.

Having psychological and physical damage from warfare and service to our Country often leaves the troops with the misguided belief his/her best years are now behind them. MPO believes that a healthy mindset begins at home. We ensure the atmosphere of the Warrior House to be nothing short of first class as our team is committed to the Disney principle of excellence in all things.



Warrior House is a place for wounded troops/vets to repurpose their dreams in a setting that is both creative and healthy.  It is a top notch facility in the tradition of Disney.  “People follow Excellence” Everyone has a broken dream, and finding healthy places/people to surround yourself with in the process of rebuilding your life and dreams is vital. Our history has taught us it works!  This next step in a private fully self contained short term house is our way of aiding our true American Heroes find those answers. We are already open and having positive feedback.




Sunny is a mother and advocate for victims of suicide.  Having personally experienced it within her family, it’s Sunny’s passion to reach those who’ve been affected by the loss of family or friends.  The reality of 22 suicides per day of our military faces fuels her to make The Warrior House a reality. “Nothing is too good for our troops” is her mantra. It’s her love of the Disney principle of excellence that motivates the vision of MPO to truly impact our veteran’s lives by giving them the very best possible as their lives are made whole again.



Jim is a professional comedian and musician, whose travels have taken him around the world to 43 countries, working extensively with US Military troops globally. His passion for healthy military personnel and military marriages has led him to start 3 nonprofits which to this day continue to meet the needs of America’s Superheroes. He brings an extensive contact list of business leaders across the globe who are committed as he is to rebuild broken dreams.


Combat injured troop of the US Army, Zach is a leader and coach for MPO. His nonprofit, American Heroes HeART, is a PTSD organization that uses mortar’s and canvases to create art using therapy techniques widely accepted in the community.


The Warrior House provides a place for our combat injured vets and their families to further the process of healing and recovery. Rebuilding a broken life takes a community of support and time. MPO provides a place where healing can be encouraged through some of our programs listed below.

Expert exposure

We offer one on one relationships with business leaders who’ve established a name for themselves and are now willing to assist in the development of veteran fledgling companies. The doors of the Warrior House are full of incredible entrepreneurs and business leaders coming and going. Each one brings to the table the excellence they’ve built in their companies, families and community by teaching, training and mentoring.


It’s the off-the-clock time that is often the most effective for our troops. The campfire moments, the trip to Disney, the mission itself continues for our troops through this process which we call “accidental magic”. We take the troops to the people, places and events exposing them to things outside their current bandwidth, leading them on the mental journey of discovery which produces incredible healing. Our experience has taught us to never discredit the power of the journey.


Ideas exchange happens quarterly where several veterans engage in dialog and discussion with each other and business leaders. This event has proven very successful for our vets by producing a sense of unity and comradery on their journey, as well as giving them a platform for feedback on their ideas.


We draw from our list of professional counselors, life coaches, business coaches and other veterans.  This is our emergency program where the leaders are available 24/7 to aid the vet with life-crisis issues.


Our team is producing podcasts, which encourages active service members and veterans in life goals. Each podcast is moderated by a team member or visiting coach who brings his ‘best things I ever learned’ to a 4 min talk. 


MPO pairs the active duty service members and veterans with a colleague who is matched with them and capable of personally aiding in the dream and vision of the specific objective of the troop.


Several veterans with similar situations join a round table discussion. Here they are shown their true value and aided on how to accomplish major life changes and modifications. True camaraderie is formed and each group member supports one another and holds each other accountable. This is where placing the ‘mission’ before the ‘man’ assists.


Music has played a vital role throughout the journeys at The Warrior House. MPO has given away hundreds of guitars, basses, ukuleles, drums, as well as musical lessons to the troops. We have found music/arts therapy to be a healthy outlet for the troops suffering from PTSD. Along with our division ‘Expert Exposure’ we pair them with musicians who give the lessons needed for the troops to get the most out of their therapeutic experience. Visit our sister site, to learn more.


MPO has rallied behind veterans to launch over 35 businesses. We bring our full contact list to the table to assist the next generation of entrepreneurs. We believe everyone has a destiny to fulfill and MPO is one part of that discovery process. From legal counsel, professional branding and logo design, mission and vision experts, execution of their first live/on line events, we bring experts to the table.  


The Warrior house is a mirror house behind the great house.  It’s a 1000 square foot facility which can house 4 to 6 guests.  It’s 26 years old and in need of a facelift. We’re asking you to see what you could bring to the table to assist the project.  There is space for a kitchen, but nothing is in there at this time.

The process has already begun and we want you to be a part of the MPO Army. If you’d like to join our list of active corporate sponsors listed, click the “Count me in” link below and we’ll begin the collaboration.


The process has already begun and we want you to be a part of the MPO Army. If you’d like to join our list of active corporate sponsors listed, click the Count me in link and we’ll begin the collaboration.


They will be performing the demolition and remodeling of the kitchen, bistro, laundry, bedroom, and closet for The Warrior House.


Proving the professional sound system, speakers and wi-fi. Music soothes and heals, it’s an integral part of our healthy environment protocol.


The best awnings ever. Keeping our guests cool in sunny Florida is mission critical and this company is on our team.


High end home theater designers. A long-time sponsor of ours, donating high quality home theater style seating and theater design.


Sight sound security. Aiding in keeping our guest and facility secure with the smallest carbon footprint possible.


Bidet toilet seats.


Joe Pietzyk Real Estate sales and management.


Quality care and treatment of our 1-acre property.

Jim Peters and MPO bring to our hospital an incredible team that our wounded want to return to again and again.  They bring laughter to our heroes.

Staff Member

Walter Reed Military Med Center

My dad committed suicide when I was 6; I found him. Since I’ve joined the Army, I’ve done 8 tours now between Afghanistan and Iraq.  My life was jacked.  MPO put me up in the Warrior House and helped me get back on track.  My family is reunited and I’ve now been working with an organization that helps other at-risk vets.


US Army Ranger

MPO brings hope to our wounded. I’ve hosted them many times at Walter Reed. My PTSD was significantly hindering my life.  They helped my rebuild my broken dreams, house me, and make me part of their family and team.  You can’t heal without hope—they bring hope.

A Wounded Warrior


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